When Hurricane Winds Fly – Construction Material Costs Go Up – Start Your Project Soon

Our hearts go out to all of our Texas, Florida and Caribbean neighbors who have been so affected by hurricanes. We hope the process of rebuilding their lives and their homes starts soon for all of them. For those of us in non-emergency areas considering new home construction or remodeling, it is probably a good time to start our projects before materials become a bit more difficult to source and become pricier.

The old laws of supply and demand are at play here and most of my suppliers have forecasted a 15-25% increase in material costs over the next six months. There are supply agreements that can be made now if you have a project in mind.

We are so fortunate here in East Tennessee to have such pretty fall weather. I usually advise new customers that now is the time to start their project so we can be under roof by the time the weather turns wet and cold. We cannot do much about Mother Nature and if there is anything my experience has taught me, it is that winter weather is the most significant delay to a project.

If we can be of service on your project, please let us know, we’d like to save you some money in material costs and time.


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